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"Bambole a Roma" in English - 4 a Roman DOLLiday

For all the English-speaking friends and collectors wanting to find an excuse for a Roman DOLLiday...
Here's the official press release, as I've just received it.

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Also in 2008 Cix, Cristina, Daneel, Emma and Michela confirm the yearly date with Fashion Dolls collectors for the third edition of :
Bambole a Roma!
April 13th 2008
at the traditional location
Via Cavour 50/A Rome
Only at 5’00 mts. from Termini railway station.

This year Silvia and Massimo of the Centro Congressi will be glad to suggest an accomodation both to exhibitors and visitors at the fixed hotels. They can be called Monday to Friday at the phone number +39 06/48.71.777 from 08.00 AM to 02.00 PM otherwise send them an e-mail:

In this edition we’ll keep on exploring the world of Fashion Dolls with a special glance to their house and to the small daily objects inside it.

“Home Sweet Home” is this year’s theme, involving both the exhibitions and the contest. We’ll travel through times and discover the different Barbie’s houses, from ’60 till present; we’ll get to know the universe of the funny Sunshine Family and explore the fascinating planet of Oriental Dolls introducing ‘Momoko’, the special essence of the Eastern cool.
The wide salesroom will offer the opportunity to observe and meet dealers and other collectors, to find the special item to enrich your collection; to appreciate the exclusive creations of the artists who make of a mass-product doll a sole and extraordinary model with their fancy, creativity and technique, by modifying the hair-style and make-up and realizing clothes which perfectly reproduce whether epoch dresses or fantasy creations. i.e. OOAK dolls. Beside, the Doll Collectors’ Club and the Comunità Virtuale Bambole Italia will attend the exbition; they are associations of collectors present in Italy since the end of the 90s.

To close with, this year the contest for doll artists will feature two sections, based on the same topic “Home Sweet Home”: a part is opened to everybody, asked to create a single doll as ‘housewife’; the other part is limited to 10 competitors and concerned with ‘diorama’ - in other words, dolls in a miniature environment! The visitors will choose and vote, through a poll, the doll and the diorama to be awarded with prizes!

Moreover a special date for all the people fond of photography! We’ll have the pleasure to display some photos from the photocontest "Fotomodella dell'Anno" of the CVBI (Comunita' Virtuale Bambole Italia) held from September to December 2007. In this first edition the contest, with prizes offered by some sponsors, was run within the community...maybe it would hide some surprises in the future! Please, visit the related site:

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Rome – whether you are collectors or simply curious to enter this fancy miniature world! The entrance to the show/trade and the exhibitions is free.
For further information, please visit the link:
or e-mail to:

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