giovedì 6 settembre 2007

Doll Collectors’ Club Italia Convention! English text

Savvy fairies, princes and princesses, wizards, dragons, magic spells, kisses; but also wolves, spiders, witches and revenges… out of fairytales from all over the world. Interpreted by fashion dolls. Can they still impress us?

Experience it all with us in Calenzano (Florence, Italy) on December 2nd, 2007 during “Bambole e Favole”, 10^ National Doll Convention by Doll Collectors’ Club Italia

Trivial or revolutionary -who knows?- the convention theme has been chosen by last year’s attendees. And yes, since all of us had something to do with dolls and fairytales in our lives, some time ago… we could say “Once upon a time… and still now!”

Doll Collectors’ Club Italia invites you to a bunch of events:
- "Bambole e Favole" creative contest: recreate yr favourite fairytales character using yr favourite fashion doll. All the entries will be exhibited and voted by the public, and dolls will be awarded to the winners
- Sales room: find everything! Dealers, collectors and dolls in an international mix. And dolls for everyone’s tastes.
So, expect to meet Barbie, PLUS any possible, poseable, sexy, chaste, exotic, minimalist, giant, micro, vintage, new, collectible or OOAK fashion doll. Which may result doubly fabulous for someone.

Doll Collectors’ Club Italia, who promotes every a thematic event year in Calenzano, is an independent club gathering adult collectors and connaisseurs who share the idea that a doll is not only a vinyl item, a fashion icon or an adorable fetish, but a witness of changes and a bearer of memories. So, why not a fairytales interpreter?

Calenzano is, in fact, an important showcase, a meeting and marketplace much awaited by Italian and international dealers, collectors and onlookers, also thanks to of the Christmas season. You can find a lot of toys, in Calenzano and “you can touch things with your hands, meet people face to face, talk to them” says Antonio Russo, M.D. in his private life, collector of rare and vintage dolls, president of Doll Collectors’ Club Italia.

The convention is a one-day event, hosted in a very visible and visited space in the Hotel. Beyond the creative contest and some thematic doll exhibitions, Calenzano is really is a collectors’ venue where they search and find information and special books, and of course the place for buying, swapping, having their dolls restored, and maybe doing some good with Dolls4children, a special charity event, featuring a choice of donated dolls + an online charity auction on eBay in the following days, with 1 euro starting bid! The proceedings of this event support Telefono Azzurro, a renowned no profit organization fighting against children abuse.

Founded in 1995 as Barbie® Collectors’ Club Italia, Doll Collectors’ Club Italia promotes fashion doll culture by means of meetings, doll exchanges and fleamarkets, internet, charity events, and mainly publishes “Doll News”, the only quarterly newsletter in Italian specialised in Barbie® and fashion dolls. Such newsletter is not for sale – it’s a club members’ privilege, directly handed out or sent to their homes.

Join us! We are waiting for you at “Bambole e Favole” December 2nd 2007
c/o Borsa Scambio del Giocattolo, Hotel Delta Florence, Cadenzano (Florence, Italy)
coordinated by Agostino Barlacchi
“Bambole e Favole” infoline: Daniela Ferrando -

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