martedì 25 marzo 2014

McQueen’s McDoll McAd

Fashion advertising recognizes the power of dolls - even that fetish, the woodoo, the suggestive, the mischievous, the evocative, the archaic power of dolls. It is the case with Steven Klein’s shooting for Alexander McQueen s/s 2014 campaign, with a OOAK doll perfectly doubling and almost obfuscating Kate Moss’ unmistakable features. Will McQueen’s McDoll in a (memorable) McAd open a thread of similarly conceived images? 
La pubblicità di moda riconosce il potere delle bambole – anche quel potere bambolare fetish, woodoo, sessualmente allusivo, pestifero, evocativo, arcaico. È esattamente il caso degli scatti per la campagna P/E 2014 di Steven Klein per Alexander McQueen, con una bambola OOAK che duplica alla perfezione, e quasi oscura, i pur inconfondibili connotati di Kate Moss. Non è che la (memorabile) McCampagna con la McDoll di McQueen andrà ad aprire un nuovo filone di immagini concepite a qsta maniera? 

3 commenti:

Azzurra Camoglio ha detto...

Usually I don´t like Kate Moss, but these pics are very intriguing.

The doll-Doppelgänger seems to be able to transform Kate Moss from a bored shabby-chic spoiled little girl (as I consider her...) into a perturbing and androgynous icon.

Very good job indeed.

Doll Cult-ure ha detto...

As I allude in my post above, I almost consider he Doll_Doppelgänger the true subject of the pic.

Azzurra Camoglio ha detto...

I think that you are right and this strategy (using a famous model, but concentrating on the doll instead) is a very interesting one.

I am looking forward to seeing further examples...

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