lunedì 15 settembre 2008

“out of the frame” doll convention and contest English version

Let’s help them leave their paintings: Mona Lisa, la Maya desnuda, Venus by Botticelli, Raphael’s Madonna of the Goldfinch, the Girl with the pearl earring…
Anyone else? Oh, let’s take out of their frame Henry VIII, Bacchus by Caravaggio, the Money-Changer, a cherub, The Kiss by Klimt…
and may they all become dolls!

“out of the frame” is both contest theme and event title for the 11th National Doll Convention by Doll Collectors’ Club Italia, to be held in Calenzano (Florence, Italy) on December, 7th 2008.

Therefore, Doll Collectors’ Club Italia invites all of you collectors and you creative, curious, talented people to choose a famous painting and create your unique doll based on it. You’ve the entire universal art history to inspire your work.

“out of the frame” is a creative contest - open to everybody and voted by the public, in the middle of a very popular doll convention. Calenzano is, in fact, an important yearly showcase, a meeting and a marketplace much awaited by Italian and international dealers, collectors and onlookers, also thanks to the Christmas season.

You can find a lot of vintage toys, there. Expect to meet Barbie PLUS any possible, poseable, sexy, chaste, exotic, minimalist, giant, micro, vintage, new, collectible or OOAK fashion doll. Expect to find Dolls4children, also a special area devoted to donated dolls + an online auction on Ebay to raise funds for Telefono Azzurro, a non profit organisation assisting abused children.

Doll Collectors’ Club Italia, who promotes this event every year in Calenzano, is an independent and very active club gathering adult collectors and connaisseurs who agree that a doll is not only a vinyl item, a fashion icon or an adorable fetish, but a witness of changes and a bearer of memories.
So, why not an art interpreter? An idea shared and promoted by DCCI president Antonio Russo, MD in his private life, collector of rare and vintage dolls. His contribution to the fashion doll culture in Italy are considerable and recognized.

Founded in 1995 as Barbie® Collectors’ Club Italia, Doll Collectors’ Club Italia promotes fashion doll culture by means of meetings, doll exchanges and fleamarkets, internet, charity events, and mainly publishes “Doll News”, the only quarterly newsletter in Italian specialised in Barbie® and fashion dolls. Such newsletter is not for sale – it’s a club members’ privilege, directly handed out or sent to their homes.

join us at “out of the frame” National Doll Convention on December, 7th 2008 c/o Borsa Scambio del Giocattolo, Hotel Delta Florence - Calenzano, Florence, Italy
infoline: Daniela Ferrando -

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